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I operate under Arizona's Cottage Food Law, which dictates that I can only sell and ship my goods within the state of Arizona.
However! If I produce my goods in a commercial kitchen, I am able to sell and ship my goods outside of the state.
In the future, I hope to occasionally rent commercial kitchen space so that I can open up orders to those who are outside of Arizona.
Yes! In addition to my desserts being vegan, I will also always have at least one vegan AND gluten-free option.
I plan on adding more gluten-free offerings in the future. I am still in the recipe testing and development stages for my GF treats. I only want to add GF options to my menu when I feel they hold up strong on their own without any compromise in quality, flavors, and texture. Stay tuned!
Looking for something special not already available on my menu? Feel free to send me an e-mail with details on what you are looking for along with a fulfillment date and let's make it happen!

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