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(hair cut & color subject to change without notice)


My name is Emerald (The Gem) Green (The Color) and I am the Wheat Wizard behind The Confectionery Apothecary. My mission is to create and serve unique, unexpected, delicious, and delightful desserts & gourmet ingredients. Oh and they're all vegan, too!

If you're looking for traditional bakery fare, you won't find them here. No disrespect to the beloved standard Chocolate Chip Cookie, they are a timeless classic for a reason, but that's just not what I'm interested in making. My menus are seasonal to highlight and celebrate locally sourced ingredients. So, if something catches your eye, act fast because it won't be around for too long.

Look, ma,
I started
a bakery!

I'm well on my way,
but I could use a helping hand



(real words from real people! wow!)

"The best thing to do with a treat from Emerald is eat it.

The second best thing is to share it with someone you love and watch their eyes light up with delight as they enjoy it."

- Kaci Lint


Vegan Lemon, Lavender, & Hibiscus Scones

cannoli - speculoos white chocolate

Vegan speculoos & chocolate orange canolli

"Emerald is the kind of person who can send you a lemon lavender shortbread cookie and not realize that she’s sending you into a years-long hunt to find anything nearly as maddeningly-delicious as just one bite.


If you’re really unlucky, she’ll make you vegan cannolis out of tofu and cookie butter that you’ll simply never be good enough to replicate on your own.


Frankly, she’s a menace, and the only hope anyone has of controlling the hunger is to hire her to make you more of whatever it is you’ve blundered unbidden into craving for the next year of your life."

- Holly Hazelwood

"I've been eating treats from the Confectionery Apothecary since they were "that plate of cookies someone left at the merch table," and it's been a rich caloric pleasure to follow the growth of Emerald Green's baking. Creative but not fussy, delicious but not too dense, these are treats for the whole table. Also recommended as energy supplements during long runs!"


- John Darnielle



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