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This bundle includes the four stickers I made for the Duo Tour Shows in New Mexico and Arizona, two for the solo shows in Seattle and Portland, and a bonus never-before-printed Wild Sage sticker to sweeten the pot!


I make these stickers to hand out for free at the Mountain Goats shows I attend, a tradition I started back in 2018. These stickers are designed by yours truly and printed on high quality weather resistant vinyl. These bad boys really hold up on water bottles and other items that get excessive use. 


I sell these stickers in bundles to cover the cost of printing them, the hundreds of stickers I give out at the shows will always be free regardless.


Any funds raised over the cost of printing will go towards helping me get new equipment and supplies for my vegan cottage bakery, The Confectionary Apothecary.


All stickers are hand stamped and numbered. Worldwide shipping and tracking is included in the price.


Stickers will start being shipped March 6th, 2024.

Duo and Solo Show Sticker Bundle!

  • High quality vinyl stickers with designs based off of various songs by the Mountain Goats made to give out for free at tMG concerts.

    Each is hand stamped and numbered (hey, I'm a tMG fan. we're into that kind of stuff)

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